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Spray Park

The “Spray Park” is an outstanding alternative to the classic wet game area for children.

The “Spray Park” in addition to the highest range of different products to choose is highly customizable, with the advantage of being extremely flexible: the “spray park” concept can be applied to water areas, close or bordering water areas or in totally dry sectors.

The features composing our “spray parks” can be utmost various: starting from the spraying arches, which create paths of different shapes, to more interactive games such as water slides or water cannons for real aquatic battles.

The “Spray park” concept is not only an extremely appealing solution but also boasts the great advantage of being a safe play environment where children and adults can move safely, enjoying freshness and fun deriving from water, without any risks or drowning or slipping; as a matter of fact, this game zone is coated with a special EPDM anti-slip and anti-shock surface - which colors and pictures choices being highly customizable as well.

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