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New Dieresin Contract is leader in Europe in the design, the construction and the installation of specialized product for water slides and swimming pools.
Both the design software and the manufacturing processes are cutting edge, with the objective of maintaining an extremely high level of precision and finish of our products.

The New Dieresin team, based near Lake Garda (Italy), is able to offer high levels of competence and professionalism in:

  • Master planning and Concept developing
  • Preliminary design
  • Executive "ready to site" design
  • Integrated planning for water parks, water slides and plant filtration/disinfection
  • Quantity survey
  • Water slide production
  • Iconic and customizable water slides production
  • Water games and water features production
  • Project management

New Dieresin Contract started more than thirty years ago (in 1976) as Dieresin 2000 and, year after year, it managed to gain many awards and certifications such as the ISO 9001 and 10014 and more the TUV for specific components and products.
Through the years, more than 1.200 projects in Italy were planned and realized and almost 800 projects all over  the world.

New Dieresin Contract
is a member of the following associations:
(European Waterpark Association), IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) and WWA (World Waterparks Association) and participates actively, as a member of the pool group of UNI (Italian Institution of Regulations Standardization) to updates and revisions of industry regulations.

Some years ago, New Dieresin Contract started to implement the LRTM (Light Resin Transfer Moulding) technology, tech heritage of the aerospace industry, and has subsequently applied this new technique to part of its production.
OurR&D department
is constantly busy in developing always original and new sights and products


Piancastelli LucaEngineer
Predicatori GiovanniEngineer
Battiston StefanoArchitect
Fabio FabianoDesign studio
Progetto e sviluppo srl
Zanca FrancoEngineer

Our story


Establishment of the Dieresin 2000 company specialized in production of fiberglass wells for pools and technical spaces. Next start of the manufacture of fiberglass molds for water slides.


Manufacture of the first ptototypes of hand-rolles laminated molds for water slides, tested in the first production site of Castelnuovo del Garda in the province of Verona.First supplies of water attractions to campgrounds near Lake Garda.


Dieresin 2000 continues its expansion and acquires the frist orders of waterslides in Austria, Germany, besides taking particularly care of the development of activities in Italy.


Dieresin 2000 becomes leading supplier in Italy in the field of fiberglass water slides both for its customers and for third parties providing design and materials.


Dieresin 2000 realises the first water parks in Italy.
Austria, Germany, Russia, Poland e Kazakhstan are the first export markets for its fiberglass products.


All the items made by Dieresin are tested and certified by TUV.
Dieresin 2000 realizes iconic attractions for the water park Caneva located near Lake Garda.


At the Aqualandia water park in Jesolo (Venezia), Dieresin 2000 realizes the highest waterslide in Europe ("Spacemaker").


The latest attractions are developed and assembled at the water park "Le Vele",  which at the time was described as the best water park in Italy,  on an area of 9 hectares.


Dieresin 2000 becomes EWA member (European Waterpark Association)


Beginning of the use of the new production technology in LRTM (Light Resin Transfer Molding or injection molding) for products like "hydrotube".

The society becomes New Dieresin 2000, aiming to become one of the biggest "players" of the field worldwide.


New Dieresin makes a part of its production available also in LRTM technology.


Starting from September 2010 New Dieresin is certified ISO 9001 and 10014 from TÜV.
These certifications plus the SOA qualification for public works in Italy.


New Dieresin becomes a WWA member (World Waterpark Association) and realizes the first water park in North Corea.


Creation of the first Looping water slide for rafts in the world: the Dual Loop Tube.
For this iconic attraction, then comes the European patent at EPO.


The Dieresin brand becomes a group thanks to the birth of the new group leader company for the design and the commercial part: New Dieresin Contract Srl.



Main activity

360° customer assistance, from design to installation.

The New Dieresin has to his credit installations around the world and thus ensures competence and resolution to all the logistical problems for most countries.


Masterplan and simulations where requested, on the basis of the initial customer input. At this stage, the New Dieresin provides specialized designers to ensure you or your customer highly customizable and to the effect presentations.

- Masterplanning

- 2D/3D concept defining and development

- Design and development of new "amusement" products

- Rough and executive design of pools/lagoons, water slides, filtration and  disinfection plants, technical rooms

- Wellness centers design


All the elements are appropriately designed and studied to create unique and personal solutions, in full compliance with the regulations in designing and manufacturing of products.

Planning and organisation

The society aims to reach a high quality of artistic assembly of the designed components.


The double production in laminated fiberglass and LRTM (Light Resin Transfer Molding) of the New Dieresin is handmade in its italian plant. Accurate quality control systems and higher-quality raw materials allow safety and durability in every installation.


The experience of the technical assemblers of the New Dieresin guarantees perfect installations.

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