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Kite Slide

The "Kite Slide" water slide is one of the new ideas developed by the R&D department of the New Dieresin Contract and it is able to ensure strong emotions.
Starting from a height of about 13 meters, accelerating over two-seats rafts along a steep initial section, and then immediately after counterslope back along the other side and then continue along a wide area specially designed with long and continuous fluctuations as in a stormy sea, until the final splash in the water or to the continuation of the path in a subsequent Big River opened section.

Technical specifications

  • Type :
    Type 8, Type 9 (according to UNI EN 1069)
  • Hourly person capacity :
    150x2 P/H
  • Required flow rate :
    450/500 MC/H

Use permitted

  • Freestyle :
  • Rafts :
  • Mat :

Exit permitted

  • Pool :
    with speed < 10 m/s (according to UNI EN 1069)
  • Catch unit :

Usable materials

  • Standard laminate :
  • Translucent color :
  • RTM Technology :
  • Texturing :
  • Special Effects :
  • PMMA Technology :
  • Insulation :

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