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Whale Shark

The game is a simple spray and not an interactive game, it is forbidden to ride or climb on it, hang from or swinging. Do not pull any tubes that protrude from the game. Do not close all jets simultaneously. Avoid exposing delicate parts of the body (eyes, mouth, ears, etc ..) Do not insert objects or body parts in the nozzles and / or holes. Do not use the game as a springboard. Keep away from the protruding hydraulic parts, microtubules in pvc. Do not bite. No hitting.

Technical specifications

  • Attack on installment :
    Tube in PVC inc Ø50 female
  • Flow rate :
    30-35 mc/h
  • Maximum pression :
    10 m
  • Main colors :
    Brown, blue, grape, others
  • Placement :
    Pool exterior
  • Assembly :
    Fixing by dowels
  • Stream placement :
    No. 1 waterfall stream from the mouth
  • Obstacle :
    110X200 H 190 cm

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